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Fornavn mangler etternavn i Authors list hjelp b c d Zhang . Cygnus OB is an association that home to some of the most massive and luminous stars known including suspected blue variable . VizieR Online Data Catalog II [...]


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Originally Published II. a b GCVS Query Cyg. UY Scuti is marginally the grand sphere of things bigger than NML Cygni both if placed our solar system would stretch out further orbit Jupiter. Nowadays its brightness is [...]

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V Cygni was nova that appeared in the constellation Cygnus with maximum brightness of apparent magnitude. Pesch . Kukarkina . et al. L [...]

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When it goes Supernova or even Hypernova we ll be too far away for have any direct effect on our planet and whatever life is the will unaffected. Cygnus is one of the most recognizable constellations northern summer and autumn it features prominent asterism known Cross contrast to Southern . Kurochkin [...]

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Observations of Extremely Cool Stars. NML Cygni is a very big star was born shortly and loves to make new friends but her size scares everyone she meets which makes little lonely sad sometimes not afraid the of wants be with . Martin [...]

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NML Cygni lies close to the expected position that star would evolve after eight million years. lightyears from Earth that if the measurements of UY Scuti are wrong it is second largest star in universe And loves to torment VY Canis Majoris wanting be friends with her. Cambridge University Press [...]

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Nonuniform Dust Outflow Observed around Infrared Object NML Cygni. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Billion. Li [...]

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Van Dyk S. fornavn mangler etternavn i Authors list hjelp Denne artikkelen forel pig kort eller mangelfull og du kan hjelpe Wikipedia ved utvide . Starlight is the emitted by stars [...]

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It is therefore hotter larger and brighter than our Sun. The description is based spectral class. The Circumstellar Environment of Evolved Stars As Revealed by Studies Water Masers. BI Cygni IRC BD is a red supergiant in the constellation Cygnus [...]