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Il futuro è: a project for Fondazione Agnelli’s 50th anniversary

To mark their 50th anniversary, Fondazione Agnelli wanted to look ahead: what will the future look like, another 50 years from now?

We developed the concept and designed the project’s visual identity and format, producing a series of short interviews with experts in the widest range of fields possible.We then divided the videos into clips that can be threaded together along themes and across subjects, and designed and developed a custom website where you can explore 50 different points of view on the future – following your interests, curiosity and a bit of serendipity.                               Check out the full project: ilfuturoè.it

Concept, storyboarding, copywriting | TODO
Direction, video editing and post production | Alessandro Bernard/Paolo Ceretto – I Cammelli
Motion graphic design | Fabrizio Bonaga
Sound design & Music | Enrico Ascoli – Ezra Capogna